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Digital development and design work
Graphics, web development, games, and UX

After writing and editing intensively for the past decade, I've been eager to get back up to date. I am busy refreshing with courses in full-stack web development, user experience, web and game design. Watch this space for new web, game, graphic, audio and user experience designs!

Meanwhile, browse through the archive of my older design portfolio.

Web design archive, 2005–2012

Between 2005 and 2012, I built small, hand-coded websites with HTML, CSS and PHP (and a tiny bit of Flash) for publishers, book distributors and authors. Click the images to browse through this time capsule from before smart phones and tablets took over the web world and before we realised the importance of accessible and responsive design.

But please remember that these sites are no longer active; please visit their current homes for up-to-date details.

Text and print design archive since 2001

From 2001 to 2009 I coordinated in-house print and web publications at the head office marketing department of Exclusive Books, South Africa's premier bookselling chain.

After that, one of my freelance roles was as the commissioning editor of eKhaya, Random House South Africa's digital imprint, where I designed PDFs and ebooks of our publications in InDesign, along with other commissioning, editorial and production roles.

More recently, I have designed and re-published some of my novels and short stories.

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