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Read my interview at the Trans-Scribe blog

'I am an utter mongrel, never comfortably in my space.'
'... her initial reactions to living in England: that sense of delight and wonder in the seasons and the beauty and trying very hard not to let the more mundane reality seep in at the edges.'
'... film and fiction that disorients my sense of reality, recalibrates and shifts subtly.'
'I like to blend detailed realism with somewhat warped reality.'
'I gather moods and style swatches from inspiring work, probably, more than story ideas.'
'... I don’t expect that to thrill many readers.'

These are some of the things I told Amy Walker in an interesting and wide-ranging interview on her Trans-Scribe blog to follow up her super review of Exposure at Set the Tape, where she says

Exposure is an interesting and twisting narrative filled with mystery, one that gets you thinking and will keep you reading long after you should probably have put the book down to take a break. It’s got some complex and flawed characters who feel like real people, and you genuinely want to see them do well and get through the events unscathed; though it soon becomes clear that this isn’t a story where that’s guaranteed. Perfect for fans of fiction like Black Mirror, this is a book that will stick with you after it’s done.

Check out the interview for more of me opining!


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