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Talking life, work, and new worlds with Pamela Power

I recently had a great interview with brilliant Johannesburg author, scriptwriter, script editor and script doctor, Pamela Power, at Go.See.Do. We discussed my latest book, Exposure, as well as life in the UK and how it compares to Joburg, and lots about writing, tutoring and editing.

Easy warmth of strangers

Apart from family and friends, of course, I miss a lot about Joburg and SA. The easy warmth of strangers. The feeling that writing and being a writer was important; solidarity with a vibrant community of creatives. Space; not having to do everything with a crowd. The most incredible natural landscape in the world. Being able to enjoy good food and brilliant hospitality al fresco. Watermelon and salads at Christmas and sunny beach holidays.

Dystopia now

Life feels pretty dystopian at the moment, has this affected the themes of your books?

Yes, it has, and I’ve felt it for a number of years. My reaction has been to try to write something progressive, model positive outcomes rather than just deal with darkness. I tried to write a bit of a love story in Exposure, but don’t take the ‘instalove premise’ at face value. Trying to come up with progressive, non-conflictual but still entertaining plots is a work in progress.

Catch the whole interview (and rare photos of me about to eat!) at Go.See.Do.


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